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Chickening Out
Diners enjoy different entrees from the Chicken Out's lunch buffet.
October 18, 2004
By clue 1, each of the five diners had a different number 1-5 of the chicken entrees, with each entree being eaten by exactly three of the five. By clue 3, the office records clerk had one more entree than Perdue, with the two both selecting roast chicken breast off the buffet but having no other entrees in common. Therefore, the records clerk could have had either two or three different entrees, or there would have been more than one selection in common between the records clerk and Perdue. Similarly, by clue 7, Linda had one more entree from the buffet than Mr. Holly did, with the two sharing none of the five choices between them. Therefore, Linda had either two or three different entrees on her plate. Clues 3 and 7 must thus overlap, with either Linda having picked three and the records clerk two chicken main dishes or vice versa. However, trying the first case, Linda would have had three dishes and records clerk Holly two (7), including roast chicken breast (clue 3)--no (11). So, between clues 3 and 7, the records clerk had three of the five entrees and Linda Perdue had two, both having roast chicken breast, while Mr. Holly chose only one Chicken Out entree. The third person to have roast chicken breast then must be the diner who had some of all five available entrees. By clue 6, Tyson had four of the five entrees--chicken barbeque, Cajun strips, Buffalo wings, and chicken pot pie. Then Dr. Church (intro) must have had all five entrees, making Sanders the records clerk. By clue 10, Linda's second entree was chicken barbeque, which Sonya didn't have. Since Sonya isn't Mr. Holly (7), she is Sanders. Since records clerk Sonya didn't have the Buffalo wings (9), she had Cajun strips and chicken pot pie. By elimination, then, Holly had Buffalo wings. By clue 4, John had one same dish as Sonya Sanders; so John can't be Mr. Holly, and Tom is. By clue 2, Tom is the office manager. By clue 5, the laboratory technician is Linda; and Tyson is the office nurse. John is Dr. Church and Karen is the nurse (8). In sum, the Summerset Cardiology office enjoyed the Chicken Out buffet as follows:

  • John Church, doctor, had roast chicken breast, Buffalo wings, Cajun strips, chicken pot pie, and chicken barbeque
  • Karen Tyson, nurse, had Buffalo wings, Cajun strips, chicken pot pie, and chicken barbeque
  • Sonya Sanders, records clerk, had roast chicken breast, Cajun strips, and chicken pot pie
  • Linda Perdue, lab technician, had roast chicken breast and chicken barbeque
  • Tom Holly, office manager had Buffalo wings

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