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Chickening Out
Diners enjoy different entrees from the Chicken Out's lunch buffet.
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October 18, 2004
Every Friday, Dr. Church and the rest of the staff at Summerset Cardiology go out to lunch. Last week, the five--two men (John, Tom) and three women (Karen, Linda, Sonya)--enjoyed the luncheon buffet at Chicken Out, a restaurant specializing (obviously) in chicken dishes and offering five different entrees on the buffet: roast chicken breast, Buffalo wings, Cajun strips, chicken pot pie, and chicken barbeque. Given the clues below, can you find the full name of each diner, his or her title at the office, and which of the five entrees he or she sampled at Chicken Out last Friday?

  1. Each of the five had a different number 1-5 of the buffet entrees, with each entree being tried by exactly three of the diners.
  2. Sonya and the office manager tried none of the same entrees.
  3. The records clerk sampled one more entree than Perdue; the only dish the two both tried was roast chicken breast.
  4. John and Sanders had second helpings of the same entree.
  5. The laboratory technician didn't try the Buffalo wings because they might be too hot.
  6. Tyson sampled four of the five Chicken Out entrees.
  7. Linda had one more entree than Mr. Holly; the two had no entree choices in common.
  8. John and the office nurse had iced tea with their meals.
  9. The records clerk also didn't try the Buffalo wings.
  10. Linda had a helping of chicken barbeque, but Sonya didn't.
  11. Holly didn't sample the Chicken Out roast chicken breast.

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