Fair Games
Fairgoers win super stuffed animals on the Great Frederick Fair's Midway.
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At the recent Great Frederick Fair, Marcie and four teen friends each won a different giant stuffed animal at a different Midway game, with one winning at the Goose Pond. Each attempt to win a prize cost a player exactly $1, and the five spent a total of $35 among them before everyone managed to win at the game he or she was playing. Given the clues below, can you decide how each fared at the Fair Games: the stuffed animal he or she won, the Midway booth at which it was won, and the amount of money at $1 per try spent to win that prize?

  1. Theo spent twice as much money to win as the friend who took home a stuffed alligator from the Great Frederick Fair.
  2. The teen who won the stuffed hippo needed 10 attempts to do so.
  3. The one who won the stuffed snake, who isn't Leah, spent $5 less to win than the teen who played HydroJets on the Midway.
  4. Sammy spent twice as much to win as the player who threw footballs at the Pro QB booth; the latter isn't Eric.
  5. The stuffed alligator wasn't the prize won at the Ring Toss.
  6. The teens who won the stuffed panda and at the Bull's-Eye Balloons game celebrated their wins by buying and eating caramel apples.
  7. Leah needed more tries to win a prize than the friend who took home the shockingly purple stuffed donkey.
  8. The quickest any of the five won a stuffed animal was in two attempts, by the teen who won at the Ring Toss game.