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Food Fight
Five freshmen spice up Friday's lunch with a food fight.
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October 4, 2004
At Friday's lunch in Blutarsky College's dining hall, five freshmen started a food fight that spread to the rest of the student body. Each of the five, who were seated together at one table, hit one of the others with one item off the lunch menu; no two simply splattered each other. Given the clues below, can you find which freshman food fighter hit which friend with what food?

  1. When the food fight started, Jeff was sitting between the student who threw the hot dog, smothered in ketchup and mustard, and the food fighter who got well oiled when hit by the Caesar salad.
  2. Ben, who didn't get the plate of spaghetti in his lap, neither threw nor got hit by the butterscotch pudding during the melee.
  3. Casey isn't the one of the five who hit Sara with food.
  4. The food fighter who threw the Caesar salad got meringue in the eye when hit by the wedge of lemon pie another tossed.
  5. Nina, who didn't throw the lemon pie during the battle, got splattered red and yellow when the hot dog hit her.
  6. The freshman--not Jeff--who started the food fight by dumping the plate of spaghetti in another's lap laughed afterwards that it would have fitting to get with the Caesar salad, which didn't happen.

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