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The Distaff Derby
Which high-flying filly won this year's premier race at Palisades Park?
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September 27, 2004
In Saturday's running of the Distaff Derby, the top stakes race for fillies and mares at Palisades Park, twelve horses sprinted to finish in the money by placing 1st-4th; Mudder-In-Law and three other fillies ended up winning a share of the purse. Given the race results below, can you determine which horse placed in the money (1st-4th) and the jockey who rode her in the Distaff Derby?

  1. The four fillies who finished in the money are Laddie's Lass, the horse Sean rode, Mosley's mount, and the one who placed 4th.
  2. Chad and Early both rode horses owned by Sunkissed Stables.
  3. D-D-Dinah finished in the money but did not win the Distaff Derby.
  4. Smiley, who didn't ride Princess Pru, whipped his mount across the finish line to place just ahead of Dave on his; the latter filly didn't place 3rd.
  5. Ben's horse drew the 8 position in the gate, while Mosley's drew the 10.
  6. Chad's mount, which wasn't Laddie's Lass, didn't win the Derby.
  7. Princess Pru, which didn't have Sean up as jockey, finished one place ahead of Landry's filly in the race.

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