Rodeo Roundup
Cowboys compete in four dust-flying events for the overall championship at the Summerset County Rodeo.
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At the recent Summerset County Rodeo, four cowboys finished 1st-4th in the standings for overall rodeo champion. Each of the four won one of the individual events, so that the final rankings were decided by how well the competitors did in the events they didn't win. Given the roundup below, can you determine the order of finish for the overall title: each 1st-4th finisher's full name and the individual event he won during the rodeo?

  1. Toby placed ahead of Beggs in the overall points standings.
  2. Potts finished higher in the overall than the winner of the bronco busting did.
  3. In the overall standings, Tubbs ended up one place higher than the champion barrel racer did.
  4. The calf roping winner, who isn't Monty, didn't finish 2nd in the overall.
  5. Beggs placed 3rd in the barrel racing competition.
  6. Jesse accumulated more points than Mimms in the all-around competition; neither won the bronco busting title at the rodeo.
  7. Toby, who isn't Tubbs, was a close 2nd in the calf roping competition.
  8. In the final overall standings, Monty, who did not win the bull riding event, and Toby did not place next to each other.
  9. Charlie won the Summerset County Rodeo overall title in 1999, while Mimms was champion in 2000 and Potts in 2002.