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Dave of Dine-In Delivery Delivers
Local families dine well at home on fare from different Summerset restaurants.
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August 30, 2004
Last Saturday evening, the first six meals delivered by deliveryman Dave of Dine-In Delivery were from six different Summerset restaurants. Each delivery was to a different local family who resides on a different Summerset street. Given the data below, can you determine the order in which Dave made his first six deliveries: the restaurant from which the food was ordered, the family placing the order, and the address where Dave delivered the family's Dine-In decision?

  1. Neither the Long Branch Steak House nor the Bombay Grill order went to the family residing on Adams St.
  2. Dave delivered dinner from the Jade Empress earlier in the evening than his trip to the Ford residence; the latter was earlier than the delivery on Hoover Ave.
  3. The Eyre family doesn't live on Clinton Rd.
  4. The Burkes, who don't reside on Wilson Dr., didn't order their dinner from the Crab Shanty.
  5. The delivery to the Ash family was later in Dave's schedule than the one from the Crab Shanty but earlier than the delivery to the family on Adams St.
  6. The family on Reagan Way didn't place the order for Chinese food from the Jade Empress.
  7. Dave's delivery to a house on Wilson Dr. came later than the Eyre family delivery, which was sometime after the delivery of Mexican food from El Azteca.
  8. The Fords didn't get the Long Branch Steak House or the Bombay Grill dinner.
  9. The Ash family, who weren't Dave's Truman Blvd. customers, didn't get Chinese from the Jade Empress.
  10. Dave delivered an order for Italian from the Olive Tree earlier Saturday than he delivered the Drew family dinner; the latter delivery was earlier on his schedule than the order taken to the family on Clinton Rd.
  11. The Clay family, who didn't order steaks from the Long Branch, aren't the Truman Blvd. residents.

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