The Video Game Deals
Players sell each other used video games.
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Five video game aficionados, including Daniel, recently expanded their play experiences by exchanging games among them: each sold a used game to another of the four and bought a used game from a different player than the one to whom he sold his game. Given the clues below, can you find who sold which game to whom for how much?

  1. Eric sold his used game for $10 more than he paid for the game he got, while the player who sold Age of Kings pocketed $15 above what he paid for the game he bought.
  2. The player who sold Volcano got $5 more for it than the one who sold his used Outlaw Planet game.
  3. Brad's purchase cost him $10 more than he received for his used game.
  4. Alex, who didn't buy Age of Kings, paid twice as much for the game he bought as the player who purchased Roller Ball did.
  5. Chris sold his game for twice as much as the one who sold Mall Tycoon.
  6. No two games sold for the same sum, with the lowest-priced bringing $10 and the most expensive $30.