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Fast Lunch
Five co-workers have a quick bite at the mall food court.
August 2, 2004
By clue 1, Cheryl, Ms. Nash, and the woman who had a chicken burrito had sodas with their lunches, while Anne and the friend who had the cold cut hoagie had water (clue 7); so all five lunchmates are named between the two clues. Ms. Nash isn't Erin (6) and is either Beth or Dina. Since neither Beth (2) nor Dina (5) ordered the Reuben sandwich, Ms. Nash couldn't have eaten it; nor did Ms. Nash have the mushroom pizza (6). Ms. Nash enjoyed a crab cake sandwich for lunch. Since Ms. Nash isn't Erin (6), in clue 2, she must be Beth. By clue 3, Ms. Keller didn't have a soda with her lunch and thus didn't eat the chicken burrito (1). In clue 2, then, Ms. Keller must have bought the cold cut hoagie, with Erin's selection the chicken burrito. By elimination, Dina is Ms. Keller. By clue 8, Ms. Ortiz is Cheryl and had the mushroom pizza for lunch. The Reuben sandwich was Anne's luncheon choice. Finally, Erin is Ms. Light and Anne Mason (4). In sum, the five friends had lunch last Saturday as follows:

  • Anne Mason, Reuben sandwich
  • Beth Nash, crab cake sandwich
  • Cheryl Ortiz, mushroom pizza
  • Dina Keller, cold cut hoagie
  • Erin Light, chicken burrito

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