Fast Lunch
Five co-workers have a quick bite at the mall food court.
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Saturday, Ms. Light and four friends who work at Spacy's Department Store in Summerset Mall had lunch together in the mall's food court. Each of the five chose a different item as her main meal, with one enjoying a crab cake sandwich from Capt. Nemo's Seafood. Given the clues that follow, can you solve this easier Logic Puzzle by finding each co-worker's full name and luncheon pick?

  1. Cheryl, Ms. Nash, and the woman who had the chicken burrito from El Azteca all drank sodas with their meals.
  2. Beth, Ms. Keller, and the friend who bought the Reuben sandwich at David's Deli all sat on one side of the food court table opposite Erin and the person who had a mushroom pizza from Antonio's on the other side.
  3. Ms. Keller didn't accompany her lunch with a soda.
  4. Erin and Ms. Mason both work in Spacy's jewelry store.
  5. Dina isn't the co-worker who had the Reuben sandwich.
  6. Ms. Nash, who isn't Erin, didn't select the mushroom pizza for her lunch.
  7. Anne and the woman who had the cold cut hoagie from U-Boat Subs both drank water, joking that they were on diets and couldn't afford the calories in a soda.
  8. Ms. Ortiz, who isn't Anne, had neither the chicken burrito nor the Reuben sandwich.