Sid Slapdash Around the House: Oops! Wrong Color!
No paint gets on the right wall when Sid is behind the brush.
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When Sid Slapdash and his wife Sydney decided much of the interior of their home needed painting, Mrs. Slapdash picked a different color paint for the living room and five other rooms. Unfortunately, she had to take the children to Summer Fair at their school the day Sid painted the rooms with his SuperPower Painter, so that no room actually was done in the intended shade but rather in one of the other five. Knowing when to leave well enough (or in this case, not well enough) alone, Sydney Slapdash decided not to have her hapless husband redo the job. Given the clues below, can you solve this off-color Logic Puzzle: the shade each room was intended to be painted and the actual color Sid painted it?

  1. The family room was not intended to be painted nor was painted Clam Shell.
  2. The room that was meant to be Amethyst Creme isn't the one that Sid painted Moon Slice; the guest bedroom neither was meant to be nor was painted either shade.
  3. The room Sid was supposed to do in Clam Shell, which isn't the dining room, was instead painted Pecan Sundae.
  4. Sid didn't paint the kitchen, which was meant to be done in Deep Mist, Amethyst Creme.
  5. Sydney Slapdash picked neither Clam Shell nor Silver Cascade for the master bath; Sid didn't paint the master bath either color.
  6. The room meant to be done in Moon Slice, which isn't the dining room, didn't end up rolled in Amethyst Creme paint.
  7. The room Sid mistakenly painted Clam Shell isn't the dining room.
  8. The room Sid did in Deep Mist rather than the Silver Cascade his wife chose for it isn't the dining room.