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The Swimmers
Long-distance swimmers pile up pool laps to lead the summer swim league standings.
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July 19, 2004
In the latest standings for long distance swimming at Summerset swim clubs, Marcie and four other girls top the list for most distance in one swimming session at their respective pools, one of which is Aspen Terrace. Each club leader's best effort is a different number of laps. Given the clues that follow, can you deduce the full name (one surname is Waters) and home pool of each swimmer and the number of laps she has totaled to lead the charts?

  1. The most laps any of the five leaders has totaled is 200, and the least is 80.
  2. The Rivers girl's best effort is twice as many laps as that of the swimmer from Maple Creek, who isn't Vicki.
  3. Katie has swum 40 more laps than the Brooks girl and 80 more than the Oak Ridge pool leader.
  4. Jenny, who isn't the Pine Valley member, has twice as many laps as the Poole girl.
  5. Carrie, who isn't the Lake girl, has swum 40 more laps than the swimmer from Beech Shore.

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