Summer Law Interns
Law students work as summer interns for Sinker, Swimmer, Wade, Flotsam, and Jetsam.
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This summer, five students at James Buchanan School of Law are working as interns at the Summerset legal firm of Sinker, Swimmer, Wade, Flotsam, and Jetsam. Each of the five--three men (David, Ian, Kevin) and two women (Laurie, Michelle)--works for a different partner, who specializes in a different area of law and has offices on a different floor, 1st-5th, of the firm's downtown building. Given the clues below, can you uncover each intern's full name, the type of law in which he or she is working, the name of the firm partner who is expert in that area, and the floor on which he or she works?

  1. Michelle works two floors below the intern who is in property law.
  2. Partner Swimmer isn't the patent law specialist.
  3. Ian's summer boss has offices one floor below Flotsam.
  4. Intern Bailey, who isn't working in the firm's civil law offices, isn't assigned to partner Sinker.
  5. The tax law spaces are one floor above Swimmer's offices, which are one floor above those where Mr. Cochran is interning.
  6. Kevin isn't the intern working in civil law.
  7. Partner Jetsam's offices are one floor below those where Reno is working this summer.
  8. Laurie's summer job is located two floors above the firm's patent law specialty.
  9. Ian, who isn't student Ginsburg, isn't the one working in property law.
  10. Ms. Ashcroft is working in the offices one floor above those dedicated to the practice of criminal law.
  11. Criminal law isn't partner Wade's area of expertise.