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Diamond Spokesmen
Summerset Smashers stars endorse local businesses on TV.
June 21, 2004
By clue 2, Derek and Bounds have been Smashers for 10 years, while by clue 6, the pitcher has been with the team three years and the player endorsing the Golden Arm Grill two years; so, four different players are named between those two clues. By clue 5, Clemson is spokesman for Keystone Builders; he isn't Derek (clue 5) or the pitcher (11), so he is the fifth player to the four in clues 2 and 6. By clue 7, the first baseman is either Derek or Clemson. If the first baseman were Derek, shortstop Ripton (1) would endorse the Golden Arm Grill. Jester would be the pitcher (8) and would be spokesman for Henry's Ford (3)--no (10). So, the first baseman is Clemson. Derek isn't Jester (8). If Jester were the pitcher, he would endorse Henry's Ford (3), which the pitcher does not (10). Jester endorses the Golden Arm Grill. By clue 1, then, shortstop Ripton is Derek. By elimination, the pitcher is Murphy, who is Roger (9). By clue 3, Jester plays cnter field; and Bounds is the Smashers catcher. By clue 4, center fielder Jester is Cal. Neither Ripton (1) nor pitcher Murphy (10) is spokesman for Henry's Ford, so Bounds is. Roger appears on TV for Childs & Childs Attorneys (9), while Derek Ripton endorses the Uptown Athletic Club. By clue 10, Bounds is Eddie and Clemson Barry. In sum, the Summerset Smashers stars are spokesman for local businesses as follows:

  • Barry Clemson, first baseman, Keystone Builders
  • Cal Jester, center fielder, Golden Arm Grill
  • Derek Ripton, shortstop, Uptown Athletic Club
  • Eddie Bounds, catcher, Henry's Ford
  • Roger Murphy, pitcher, Childs & Childs Attorneys

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