Diamond Spokesmen
Summerset Smashers stars endorse local businesses on TV.
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Cal and four other Summerset Smashers stars, each of whom plays a different position for the baseball team, frequently appear on local television as spokesmen for different area businesses. Given the lineup card below, can you find each player's full name, his position on the diamond, and the company he endorses?

  1. The business shortstop Ripton endorses isn't Henry's Ford.
  2. Derek and Bounds are the two most popular Summerset Smashers players, both having been with the team for 10 seasons.
  3. Jester, who isn't the spokesman who appears in his full catcher's gear on TV, isn't the one who endorses Childs & Childs Attorneys or the Uptown Athletic Club.
  4. Neither Barry nor Eddie is the spokesman who plays center field for the team.
  5. Clemson, who isn't Derek, appears in TV spots for Keystone Builders.
  6. The pitcher has been with the Smashers for three years, while the player who advertises the Golden Arm Grill has been with the team for two.
  7. The first baseman, who isn't Bounds, isn't spokesman for the Golden Arm Grill.
  8. Derek, who isn't Jester, also does national TV ads for MADD.
  9. Although he works out there in the offseason, Roger Murphy isn't the player who endorses the Uptown Athletic Club.
  10. The pitcher and the Henry's Ford spokesman, who isn't Barry, also appear in their sponsoring companies' newspaper ads.
  11. Clemson isn't a pitcher for the Smashers.