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Circus Sideshows
Midway sideshows add to the fun of the Bainum & Barley Circus.
June 7, 2004
From the introduction, the five Bainum & Barley Circus side shows were in a row on the Midway, designated I-V from left to right facing the front of the tents. By clue 4, the 4th sideshow attended was between the one featuring Paulina the Plastic Lady and the one in the red tent. Since, by clue 1, the Ringling sisters didn't go from one sideshow into another in a tent next to it, they didn't see Paulina the Plastic Lady or the act in the red tent either 3rd or 5th in order; the children saw Paulina and the show in the red tent 1st and 2nd or vice versa. If they had seen Paulina the Plastic woman 2nd and the act in the red tent 1st, by clues 7 and 1, they would have visited the tent next to Paulina, on the other side from the tent visited 4th, 5th. In clue 3, then, Tiny Timothy & Giant George could not have been in a sideshow tent on the outside of the red one visited 1st, or the purple tent would have contained a sixth sideshow; Tiny Timothy & Giant George would have been in the tent visited 4th, with Paulina then in the sideshow in the purple tent (3). However, there is no way for clue 6 to work in this arrangement. Therefore, the Ringling girls saw Paulina the Plastic Lady 1st and the act in the red tent 2nd. Tiny Timothy and Giant George can't have been in the tent visited 4th, or the the tent visited 2nd would have been purple as well as red (clue 3); they were in the sideshow tent next to Paulina's on the other side from the red one. Then the purple tent must be on the end outside the one in which Tiny Timothy & Giant George entertained (3). If the Ringling girls had seen Tiny Timothy & Giant George 5th in the order and the act in the purple tent then 3rd, by clue 6, Paulina would have been in the green tent, Sinbad the Sword Swallower in the red, and Waldemar the World's Strongest Man in the purple. By elimination, the siblings would have seen Harry Handyny, Hypnotist 4th--no (8). Therefore, the Ringling girls attended the Tiny Timothy & Giant George show 3rd and the one in the purple tent 5th. By clue 6, Tiny Tim was in the green tent; and the children saw Sinbad the Sword Swallower 4th and Waldemar the World's Strongest Man 5th. By elimination, Harry Handyny, Hypnotist was the 2nd act seen by the girls. By clue 2, Sinbad's sideshow was in the yellow tent and Paulina's in the blue. Since Sinbad wasn't in tent IV (5); he was in II, with Harry in I, Paulina in III, Tiny Timothy & Giant George in IV, and Waldemar in V. In sum, the Ringling sisters saw the sideshows in order

  • 1st - Paulina the Plastic Lady, blue, III
  • 2nd - Harry Handyny, Hypnotist, red, I
  • 3rd - Tiny Timothy & Giant George, green, IV
  • 4th - Sinbad the Sword Swallower, yellow, II
  • 5th - Waldemar the World's Strongest Man, purple, V

    while the sideshows were in tents as follows:

  • I - red, Harry Handyny the Hypnotist, 2nd
  • II - yellow, Sinbad the Sword Swallower, 4th
  • III - blue, Paulina the Plastic Lady, 1st
  • IV - green, Tiny Timothy & Giant George, 3rd
  • V - purple, Waldemar the World's Strongest Man, 5th

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