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Circus Sideshows
Midway sideshows add to the fun of the Bainum & Barley Circus.
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June 7, 2004
Last Saturday, the Ringling sisters enjoyed the three-ring fun of the world-famous Bainum & Barley Circus. Before the show in the big top, the siblings took in the circus's Midway sideshows, each of which was in a different colored tent. The five tents were in a row next to each other designated I, II, III, IV, and V in order from the customers' left to right as they faced the sideshow fronts from the Midway. Given the clues below, can you determine which sideshow was in each colored tent I-V and the order 1st-5th in which the Ringling sisters saw the acts?

  1. After enjoying a Midway act, the Ringling girls never saw a sideshow in a tent immediately next to the one they just left.
  2. The act seen in the blue tent wasn't Sinbad the Sword Swallower's.
  3. The tent in which the girls saw Tiny Timothy & Giant George was between (and next to) the purple one and the one where they saw their 1st sideshow.
  4. The red tent was next to the one the siblings visited 4th, while Paulina the Plastic Woman was in the tent on the other side next to the one the girls visited 4th.
  5. The yellow tent's position in the row wasn't IV.
  6. In consecutive order first-to-last, the Ringling girls saw the act in the green tent, enjoyed Sinbad the Sword Swallower's "dining" adventures, and marveled as Waldemar the World's Strongest Man lifted a 200-lb. audience member off the ground with one hand.
  7. The tent in which the siblings were amazed by Paulina the Plastic Lady's physical contortions wasn't either of the two on the ends of the row.
  8. The girls' 4th sideshow wasn't the one starring Harry Handyny, Hypnotist.

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