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Monsters, Ltd.
The new monster movie means monster roles for five Hollywood stars.
May 31, 2004
All five actors are named in clue 1: Tom, Denzel, the one who plays the town doctor, and the ones who star as the mummy and the werewolf. By clue 10, Brad plays the zombie; he must be the doctor in clue 1. Johnny doesn't star as the mummy (clue 8), so he plays the werewolf. By elimination, Ewan Pitt (2) is the mummy. The town police chief part is Depp's (3). Depp isn't Denzel (3) or Johnny (8) and must be Tom. Denzel plays either the vampire or poltergeist. By clue 4, then, he isn't Hanks or Washington and is MacGregor. Johnny is either Hanks or Washington and therefore doesn't play the town mayor (9); nor does Denzel portray the mayor (5). The role of mayor belongs to Ewan Pitt. Again, Denzel plays either the vampire or poltergeist. He then doesn't star as the town judge (11) and plays the school headmaster; Johnny stars as the judge. Johnny's last name is Hanks (6), and Brad's is Washington. Denzel plays the poltergeist and Tom the vampire (7). In sum, the stars of Monsters, Ltd. play their parts as follows:

  • Tom Depp, police chief and vampire
  • Johnny Hanks, judge and werewolf
  • Denzel MacGregor, headmaster and poltergeist
  • Brad Washington, doctor and zombie
  • Ewan Pitt, mayor and mummy

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