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Monsters, Ltd.
The new monster movie means monster roles for five Hollywood stars.
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May 31, 2004
When Monsters, Ltd., the new movie from Nightmare Studios, opens this week, MacGregor and four other Hollywood stars play leading roles in the film. Each actor portrays one of the leading citizens of Cozy Valley who turns into a different classic monster to terrorize the townfolk. From the casting call below, can you decide which actor plays each citizen/creature in Monsters, Ltd.?

  1. The five actors are Tom, Denzel, the one who plays Cozy Valley's doctor, and the stars who turn into a mummy and a werewolf.
  2. Ewan Pitt is the only one whose character survives at the film's end.
  3. Depp, who isn't Denzel, portrays the town's police chief.
  4. Neither Hanks nor Washington gets into poltergeist or vampire makeup for the movie.
  5. Denzel's role isn't as Cozy Valley's mayor.
  6. The town judge isn't played by Washington.
  7. The school headmaster doesn't turn into a vampire during the action.
  8. Johnny, who doesn't play the mummy, isn't the actor who stars as the police chief.
  9. The mayor isn't played by Hanks or Washington.
  10. Brad's star turn as the zombie is the most frightening portrayal in Monsters, Ltd..
  11. In the movie, the town's judge doesn't roam at night as a poltergeist or a vampire.

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