Jigsaw Dad
Dad gets 5,000 pieces of jigsaw puzzle pleasure for his birthday.
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For their father's birthday, the five Locke children, including Cerise, each gave him a jigsaw puzzle, with each puzzle having a different number of pieces and a different theme. The five decided that Dad would have even more fun if the five jigsaws were mixed into one big pile, so they surrounded his cake with a mound of all 5,000 puzzle pieces. Given the clues below, can you reconstruct this jigsaw Logic Puzzle by finding the title of and number of pieces in each child's present?

  1. Of four of the puzzles, Alex's has 500 more pieces than Tulips, while Stacy's gift jigsaw has 500 more pieces than Cathedral.
  2. The puzzle David gave Dad has 250 fewer pieces than Zebras.
  3. Ian's puzzle, which doesn't have the most pieces, has 250 more pieces than Jawbreakers has.
  4. The Money jigsaw isn't the one Stacy gave Dad.
  5. The jigsaw puzzle with the most pieces has 1,500, while the one with the fewest pieces has 500.