The Van Pool
Van poolers conserve energy by commuting downtown together.
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Each work morning, Walt Wheeler drives a van carrying himself and six fellow riders--three women (Alison, Jane, Margaret) and three men (Derek, Todd, Wayne)--to jobs in downtown Summerset. Walt lets the van poolers, each of whom works at a different downtown employer, including one at Steel City Canning, off the van in the same order each a.m. and picks them up each p.m. in reverse of the morning order, with each rider's stop being a different street. Given the information that follows, can you solve the Van Pool Logic Puzzle: the order in which the riders depart the van each morning, each rider's full name (one last name is Curry), the street where he or she leaves the van, and his or her place of employment in downtown Summerset?

  1. Todd, who isn't the rider who works at Pennant Publishing, gets out of the van immediately before the person who departs at Maple St. does.
  2. Margaret gets off the van immediately before Mr. Harding, who gets out one stop ahead of the rider who is dropped off on Birch St.
  3. Ms. Wilcox is still in the van when the person whose last name is Gillette departs the van pool.
  4. In the evening, Wayne gets back on the van one stop before the person who gets on at Poplar St.; the person whose stop is Poplar isn't the one who is employed at Jakob & Marley Securities.
  5. The Chestnut St. stop isn't for Derek.
  6. Each a.m., these three riders get out of the van in consecutive first-to-last order: the one who departs at Oak St., Alison, and the person who works at Pennant Publishing.
  7. Margaret and the van pooler who gets off at Maple St. downtown live in the same townhouse community in the suburb of Fallingwater.
  8. Each morning, when the one who works at Macrocosm Software gets out of the van, Ms. Morgan gathers her belongings because she is next to leave the van pool.
  9. Each p.m., Jane boards the van immediately after the 2nd National Bank loan officer does.
  10. The rider who gets out of the van 3rd each morning, who isn't Alison, works as a psychologist at the Children's Clinic.
  11. Mr. Broome isn't the van pool rider whose stop is Elm St.