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The Senior Prom
Love is in the air at the Summerset High Senior Prom.
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May 10, 2004
Last Saturday, Ben and four friends and their dates attended the "Love Is in the Air"-themed Senior Prom at Summerset High School as a group. The five couples, including the Kennedy boy and his date, made a night of the big event, enjoying having their stretch limo take them downtown for dinner before the Prom and to the boardwalk in Ocean City after the dance. From the clues below, can you determine the full names of each of the five Senior Prom couples?

  1. The five couples were Greg and his date, the Walters boy and his, Heidi and her boyfriend, Melody and her dance date, and the Isaacs girl and hers.
  2. During one dance at the Prom, the couples switched partners, each boy dancing with a girl other than the one he brought to the Prom: Jeff danced with Laurie, Chad with the Norris girl, the Swift boy with Chad's date, the boy who brought Vicki with the girl Jeff took to the dance, and the boy who invited the Palmer girl with Emily.
  3. Neither Melody nor the Yates girl is the one the Austin boy escorted to the Prom.
  4. At pre-dance dinner at the Crab Shanty, Laurie and the Swift boy's date both enjoyed lobster.
  5. In Ocean City after the Prom, the Norris girl and the girl who went to the dance with the Walters boy both went for early morning swims in the Atlantic.
  6. Tim's Senior Prom date wasn't Emily.
  7. Chad isn't the boy who took the Forrest girl to the dance.
  8. Jeff and the Draper boy arranged for the white stretch limo from Randy's Regal Rides.

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