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The Relay Race
River Glen High finishes first in the girls' 4x400 meter relay.
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May 3, 2004
In last Friday's triangular track meet, the River Glen High girls won the 4x400 meter relay event, with Long View's team placing second and Wild Lake's third. In the event, each of four sprinters carried the baton 100 meters for her team, with the first runner passing it to the second, etc. Given the race results below, can you solve the Logic Puzzle of which girl (one last name is Torres) ran each leg for the three 4x400 relay teams?

  1. Heather, whose last name isn't Ryder or Vaughan, ran the fastest 100 meters of the 12 legs run.
  2. Miss Parks had the slowest time for any of the 12 100-meter legs.
  3. Jamie and the Stone girl are the only freshmen among the 12 sprinters.
  4. On one leg of the relay, Debi competed against Miss Young.
  5. When they passed their batons after running the 1st leg of the race, Alicia was ahead of the Wild Lake leadoff runner, who was leading Miss West.
  6. During the relay, Miss Parks handed off her team's baton to the Owens girl, who gave the baton to Jamie for the next leg.
  7. Misty and Caitlin, who isn't the Moon girl, ran practically side-by-side against each other during one leg of the race.
  8. For one team, Heather passed the baton to Erika, who handed it off to the Zayre girl.
  9. At the finish line, Keisha lunged past Miss Stone, so her team placed just ahead of Miss Stone's in the race.
  10. For the winning River Glen team, Faith passed the baton to Lisa, who isn't Miss Owens.
  11. For one relay squad, Gail handed off the baton to Beth, who passed the baton to Miss Moon.
  12. Miss Ryder handed off her team's baton to Miss Vaughan during the race.
  13. The Newman girl, who isn't Erika, started sprinting too soon and had to slow down to receive the baton from the Quinn girl before taking off again.

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