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A Visit to Colonial Williamsburg
Students learn from the living history of Virginia's restored 18th century capital city.
April 12, 2004
From the introduction, each of the five Summerset High groups was at a different one of the five Williamsburg tour sites at each of the five times. By clue 2, in the morning, Mr. Shields' students twice followed Mr. Bassett's class in seeing one of the attractions. Arbitrarily assigning I to one of those colonial highlights and II to the other, Mr. Bassett's class was at I at 9:00 and II at 10:00, with Mr. Shields' group at I at 10:00 and II at 11:00. By clue 6, Mrs. Rockefeller's class toured the Governor's Palace in the morning, one hour after Mrs. Wythe's students saw the beautiful brick residence. If Mrs. Wythe's class had been there at 9:00 and Mrs. Rockefeller's students had been there at 10:00, by clue 1, Mrs. Geddy's group would have toured the Governor's Palace at 11:00--but they were there after lunch (clue 3). So, Mrs. Wythe's students were at the Governor's Palace at 10:00 and Mrs. Rockefeller's class were there at 11:00. By clue 1, then, we arbitrarily put Mrs. Geddy's class at site III at 9:00 and at attraction IV at 10:00, with Mrs. Rockefeller's students at III at 10:00 and at IV at 9:00. Using the fact that the groups were at a different site at each time, Mr. Shields' class visited the Governor's Palace at 9:00, with Mrs. Wythe's group at site II at 9:00. Then Mrs. Geddy's students were at site I at 11:00. By clue 4, site II must be the Raleigh Tavern, and Mrs. Rockefeller's class was there at 1:00; Mrs. Geddy's students were at the Raleigh Tavern at 2:00. Mrs. Geddy's class then had to have visited the Governor's Palace at 1:00 to complete their day's schedule and see all five sites, and Mr. Bassett's class toured the Governor's Palace at 2:00. By clue 5, site IV must be the Wetherburn Tavern, with Mr. Bassett's students touring it at 11:00. To complete their schedule, Mr. Bassett's group was at site III at 1:00. By elimination, at 11:00, Mrs. Wythe's class toured attraction III; Mr. Shields' group was at III at 2:00. By clue 7, site III must be the Capitol; site I is the Peyton Randolph House. Finishing out the schedule, Mr. Shields' class was at the Wetherburn Tavern at 1:00, with Mrs. Wythe's students there at 2:00; Mrs. Wythe's class was at the Peyton Randolph House at 1:00, followed by Mrs. Rockefeller's group at 2:00. In sum, the classes enjoyed Colonial Williamsburg's major sites as follows:

  • Peyton Randolph House: Mr. Bassett's, 9:00; Mr. Shields', 10:00; Mrs. Geddy's, 11:00; Mrs. Wythe's, 1:00; Mrs. Rockefeller's, 2:00
  • Raleigh Tavern: Mrs. Wythe's, 9:00; Mr. Bassett's, 10:00; Mr. Shields', 11:00; Mrs. Rockefeller's, 1:00; Mrs. Geddy's, 2:00
  • Governor's Palace: Mr. Shields', 9:00; Mrs. Wythe's, 10:00; Mrs. Rockefeller's, 11:00; Mrs. Geddy's, 1:00; Mr. Bassett's, 2:00
  • The Capitol: Mrs. Geddy's, 9:00; Mrs. Rockefeller's, 10:00; Mrs. Wythe's, 11:00; Mr. Bassett's, 1:00; Mr. Shields', 2:00
  • Wetherburn Tavern: Mrs. Rockefeller's, 9:00; Mrs. Geddy's, 10:00; Mr. Bassett's, 11:00; Mr. Shields', 1:00; Mrs. Wythe's, 2:00

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