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The Craftsmen of Lower Snivelly
Is the tanner named Cooper or the cooper named Tanner? Solve this medieval Logic Puzzle to find out.
March 22, 2004
By clue 4, three of the craftsmen were Jack, Mr. Tanner, and the thatcher. By clue 1, Jack isn't Mr. Thatcher, who, from the introduction, can't be the thatcher; so Mr. Thatcher was the fourth craftsman. Mr. Goldsmith was the village chandler (clue 5); he wasn't Jack (1) and was then the fifth worker. Simon Chandler wasn't the village thatcher (7) and was thus the sixth man to the five named so far. By clue 2, goldsmith Roger wasn't Mr. Tanner; his surname was Thatcher. Tom's last name wasn't Miller, Cooper (3), or Goldsmith (5) and was Tanner. Tom wasn't the local cooper (8). If Simon Chandler had been the cooper, Jack would have been the tanner and Tom Tanner the miller. Since no two men shared a pair of single names and occupations (9), Jack would have been Mr. Cooper--but he then couldn't have been the village tanner (6). So, Simon Chandler wasn't the cooper; Jack was. His name was then Miller, and the thatcher was Mr. Cooper. Tom Tanner couldn't have been the tanner and was thus the miller, with Simon Chandler the tanner. Cooper's first name was Baldwin and Goldsmith's was Will (6). In sum, the craftsmen of Lower Snivelly in 1486 were

  • Baldwin Cooper the thatcher
  • Jack Miller the cooper
  • Roger Thatcher the goldsmith
  • Simon Chandler the tanner
  • Tom Tanner the miller
  • Will Goldsmith the chandler

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