The Craftsmen of Lower Snivelly
Is the tanner named Cooper or the cooper named Tanner? Solve this medieval Logic Puzzle to find out.
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In 1486, the Earl of Bottomditch had a census taken of his fiefdom, which encompassed the village of Lower Snivelly. Interestingly, each of the six village craftsmen recorded in the book had a last name that originally derived from the trade one of his fellows was practicing in 1486. Given the following information taken from the Earl's census, can you find each Lower Snivelly craftsman's full name (one first name was Baldwin) and craft?

  1. Jack, who wasn't Mr. Thatcher, wasn't the local chandler.
  2. Roger, who was the village goldsmith, and Mr. Tanner had shops on High St.
  3. Neither Mr. Miller nor Mr. Cooper was Tom.
  4. Jack, Tanner, and the thatcher were all named in the census as former soldiers in the Earl of Bottomditch's army.
  5. Mr. Goldsmith, who wasn't Tom, was the village chandler.
  6. Will and Mr. Cooper, who wasn't the tanner, were noted in the book for having paid fines for various misdeeds.
  7. Simon Chandler was listed as having had a grievance against the thatcher for a shoddy roofing job.
  8. Tom wasn't the Lower Snivelly cooper.
  9. No man's surname and trade was another's trade and surname.