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The President Ate Here
In our 100th Logic Problem, can you find which U.S. President enjoyed the fare at each Spenser's Mountain food emporium?
February 16, 2004
From the introduction, the five Presidents dined at different Summerset establishments in the following order: Buchanan, Arthur, Harrison, McKinley, and Taft. In clue 1, the five dining Presidents are given as Taft, the ones who ate at the Brookside and New Inn, and the ones who enjoyed chicken and dumplings and grilled rainbow trout. By clue 3, the President who dined at Mrs. Pepper's wasn't Taft; while by clue 6, the Presidential meal at Mrs. Pepper's wasn't grilled rainbow trout. In clue 1, then, the president who dined at Mrs. Pepper's enjoyed chicken and dumplings. Either Taft or the President who had rainbow trout ate at the Grove Farm. If the President who chose rainbow trout had eaten there, Taft would have visited the Winter's Tale for dinner. However, he couldn't have had stuffed pork chops (clue 5), roast beef au jus, or venison stew (7)--impossible. So, Taft dined at Grove Farm, while another President ate rainbow trout at the Winter's Tale. Taft didn't have the venison stew (2) or stuffed pork chops (5) and thus had roast beef au jus. Then McKinley dined at Mrs. Pepper's (3). By clue 8, the Presidential dinner at the New Inn was venison stew and at the Brookside stuffed pork chops. Arthur had the pork chops (4). Buchanan dined at the Winter's Tale and Harrison at the New Inn (8). In sum, the Presidents Ate Here as follows:

  • James Buchanan had grilled rainbow trout at the Winter's Tale
  • Chester A. Arthur had stuffed pork chops at the Brookside
  • Benjamin Harrison had venison stew at the New Inn
  • William McKinley had chicken and dumplings at Mrs. Pepper's
  • William Howard Taft had roast beef au jus at Grove Farm

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