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The Travel Photo Contest
Five amateur photographers are published in the Sentinel's travel photo contest.
January 12, 2004
From the introduction, five photos--1st, 2nd, and 3rd prizes and two honorable mentions--were published in the Sentinel Travel section, each on a different page 1-5. By clue 6, Faith's photo appeared on the page before the Stonehenge photo and two pages before the photo that won 1st prize; while by clue 9, the 2nd prize photo was on the page just before the Great Wall of China picture and two pages before Ray's published photo. There must be at least one common entry among the six mentioned in the two clues. The only possible overlaps are that the Stonehenge photo won 2nd prize or that Faith took the picture of the Great Wall. If the Stongehenge photo had won 2nd prize, then combining clues 6 and 9 would have these photos appearing on consecutive pages: Faith's, the Stonehenge photo that would have won 2nd prize, the Great Wall picture which would have won 1st prize, and Ray's entry. By clue 1, Anne won the prize one higher than the one the photographer of Bryce Canyon won; so Anne won either the 1st or 2nd prize in the contest. Anne didn't take the Stonehenge picture (clue 8) and thus wouldn't have won 2nd prize given the above arrangement. Anne also wouldn't have won 1st prize, since the Stonehenge photo and Bryce Canyon photos both would have won 2nd prize. So, the Stonehenge photo didn't win 2nd prize. In clues 6 and 9, then, these photos appeared on consecutive pages in the Travel section: the 2nd prize photo, Faith's picture of the Great Wall of China, Ray's photo of Stonehenge, and the photo that was judged the 1st prize one. By clue 1, Anne won either the 1st or 2nd prize with the Bryce Canyon picture then judged 2nd or 3rd respectively. If Anne had won 1st prize and the Bryce Canyon photo 2nd, by clue 5, the photo of the Sphinx was on page 1; so that Anne would have taken the Statue of Liberty shot--no (8). Anne won 2nd prize and the Bryce Canyon photo won 3rd. Since the Bryce Canyon photo then isn't one of the four in the combined clues 6 and 9, it had to be on page 1 or page 5 of the Travel section. Since the Sphinx photo was on page 1 (5), the Bryce Canyon picture was on page 5; the Sphinx photo is Anne's. By elimination, the Statue of Liberty picture won 1st prize; it was taken by Smith (3). By clue 2, Anne is Eastman, and Brad won 3rd prize; John then is Smith. Brad is Daguerre (4). By clue 7, Cannon is Faith and Fujiyama Ray. Faith and Ray won honorable mentions for their photos. In sum, the prize-winning travel photos appeared in Sunday's Summerset Sentinel Travel section as follows:

  • Page 1 - Anne Eastman, the Sphinx, 2nd prize
  • Page 2 - Faith Cannon, Great Wall of China, honorable mention
  • Page 3 - Ray Fujiyama, Stonehenge, honorable mention
  • Page 4 - John Smith, Statue of Liberty, 1st prize
  • Page 5 - Brad Daguerre, Bryce Canyon, 3rd prize

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