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Giving The Beatles
Friends draw names and exchange Beatles CD gifts.
December 22, 2003
By clue 1, both Jeff and the person who gave Abbey Road say John Lennon is their favorite of the Fab Four; by clue 4, the person who bought Please Please Me to give and the one who received Abbey Road say they like Paul McCartney best; and by clue 8, Brent says he favors George Harrison and the person who received Please Please Me goes for drummer Ringo Starr. Therefore, all six friends are named among the three clues: Brent, Jeff, the person who gave Abbey Road, the person who received Abbey Road, the one who gave Please Please Me, and the one who got Please Please Me in the exchange. By clue 5, Donny bought Help! to give in the exchange; since Donny didn't receive Please Please Me (clue 5), he must have gotten Abbey Road as his present. Since Erica received Magical Mystery Tour and didn't give Abbey Road (7), she must have given Please Please Me to her exchange friend. Amy didn't buy Donny's gift (2), Abbey Road; so Amy received Please Please Me. By elimination, Molly bought Abbey Road for Donny. Since by the introduction no two bought for each other, Amy didn't buy Magical Mystery Tour; nor did Jeff (3). Brent bought Magical Mystery Tour for Erica. By clue 6, the person who gave Rubber Soul received Revolver and must be Jeff. Amy bought Revolver for Jeff. Since no two bought for each other, Molly didn't get Help!; she received Rubber Soul, and Brent went home with Help!. In sum, the six gave and got Beatles CD's during their gift exchange as follows:

  • Amy gave Revolver, received Please Please Me
  • Brent gave Magical Mystery Tour, received Help!
  • Donny gave Help!, received Abbey Road
  • Erica gave Please Please Me, received Magical Mystery Tour
  • Jeff gave Rubber Soul, received Revolver
  • Molly gave Abbey Road, received Rubber Soul

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