Appearing in Person, Elvis the Elf
Now at the mall, Elvis the Elf, magician and comedian, entertaining children of all ages.
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Elvis the Elf, whose magic tricks and slapstick comedy make him a children's favorite, will entertain each night Monday-Friday this week at Summerset Mall. Elvis will appear at a different one of five mall locations at 6:30, 7:00, 7:30, 8:00, and 8:30 each evening; and during a time slot through the five days will be at a different one of the spots each night. Given the clues below, can you reconstruct Elvis the Elf's schedule for the week by finding when and where he will appear for each scheduled performance.

  1. On Thursday, Elvis will appear consecutively first-to-last at these three Summerset Mall locations: the Egyptian Theater lobby, Gepetto's Toy Store, and the mall Christmas tree.
  2. The evening after he will be at the Palm Fountain at 8:00, Elvis the Elf will be at the mall Christmas tree at 8:00.
  3. On Tuesday, Elvis will perform at the toy store, at Yummy Food Court, and at the Palm Fountain in consecutive order first-to-last.
  4. Tuesday's 8:30 appearance isn't at the theater lobby.
  5. On consecutive evenings at 7:30 Elvis the Elf will be at the Palm Fountain, then at the toy store, and then at the theater lobby.
  6. One evening--not Wednesday--the entertainer will be at Gepetto's Toy Store followed immediately by an appearance at the Palm Fountain.