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"Two Lives To Live"
Teens trade places for two weeks on the popular TV program.
December 1, 2003
By clue 1, Carrie is featured one night before Miss Vasquez, who is on the night before the teen who lives on an Iowa farm. By clue 3, the girl from Martha's Vineyard is on the show one night before Heather, who is on one evening before Miss McNab. By clue 10, Carrie and the teen from Martha's Vineyard are on shows shown on different nights, so there is not complete overlap between clues 1 and 3. By clue 12, the show about Miss Roman is on one night before that featuring the girl who lives in a Louisiana bayou and two nights before Erica. Since Miss Vasquez in clue 1 and the teen from Louisiana in clue 12 are on different programs (clue 6), there is not complete overlap between clues 1 and 12. Since Erica and the McNab teen are on different shows during the week (8), clues 3 and 12 also do not overlap completely. Therefore, among clues 1, 3, and 12, Carrie, the teen who lives in Martha's Vineyard, and Miss Roman are on Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday in some order. If the Miss Roman were one of the two girls on Monday's show, the Louisiana girl would then be on Tuesday's and Erica on Wednesday's (12) program. If Carrie were then on Wednesday, trading with Erica, the girl from Martha's Vineyard would be on Tuesday, with Heather then also on Wednesday (3)--no. If the girl from Martha's Vineyard were on Wednesday, she would be trading lives with Erica (8). On Tuesday's show, Carrie would be trading lives with the girl from Louisiana (15). By clue 1, then, Miss Vasquez would be Erica or from Martha's Vineyard--no (17). So, Miss Roman isn't on Monday's program. If the girl from Martha's Vineyard were on Monday's show, by clue 3, Heather would be on Tuesday's and Miss McNab on Wednesday's. If Carrie were on Tuesday's show and Miss Vasquez then on Wednesday (1), trading places with Miss McNab, there would be no way for clue 12 to work, since Miss Roman couldn't be on Wednesday's program. If Miss Roman were on Tuesday evening, the girl from Louisiana would be on Wednesday, trading lives with Miss McNab (15). But Carrie would have have to be Miss McNab--no (10)--or from Louisiana, which she isn't (15). So, the teen from Martha's Vineyard isn't on Monday's show; Carrie is, with Miss Vasquez on Tuesday night and the girl from Iowa on Wednesday. If Miss Roman were on Tuesday and the Louisiana teen on Wednesday (12), there would be no way for the girl who lives in Martha's Vineyard (3) to fit. So, the girl from Martha's Vineyard trades lives with Miss Vasquez (17) on Tuesday, Heather is on Wednesday (and may or may not be from Iowa), and Miss McNab is on Thursday. Miss Roman is on Wednesday (and may be Heather and/or from Iowa), the girl from Louisiana trades places with Miss McNab (15) on Thursday, and Erica is one of the two on Friday's "Two Lives To Live." By clue 11, Danielle from Niagara Falls is on Tuesday, Wednesday, or Thursday. Since she didn't trade lives with the Martha's Vineyard girl (18), she isn't on Tuesday evening; and since she isn't Miss McNab (18), she isn't on Thursday night. Danielle from Niagara Falls traded lives with Heather, who then must be from Iowa. By clue 13, Miss Stowe is on the night before the teen who lives in Hollywood. Since Miss Vasquez isn't from Hollywood (17), Miss Stowe isn't on Monday night. Miss Stowe can't be on Tuesday night's program since the Hollywood teen can't be on Wednesday. Since Miss Stowe isn't from the Louisiana bayou (2), she isn't on Thursday's show. She is on Wednesday and is Danielle (21); Heather is Miss Roman. Miss McNab is from Hollywood. By clue 4, the girl from the Tennessee mountains must be on Monday, trading lives with Carrie; and Miss Lacey is from Martha's Vineyard. Faith isn't Miss McNab from Hollywood (13); by clue 5, then, Faith is from Louisiana, and Miss Young trades places with Erica on Friday's show. Since Miss Young isn't from New York City (7), by clue 19, Carrie is, with the girl from Tennessee being Miss Talbot. Erica's surname is Primo, and Miss Young is from Montana (14). Since Grace's home is in Las Vegas (9), she must be Miss Vasquez. By elimination, Erica Primo lives in Key West. Carrie isn't the Quinlan girl (19), so Faith is; Carrie is Miss Waldorf. Jana isn't Miss Young (16). By clue 20, then, Jana is Lacey and Andrea Talbot. Kendra's last name is McNab and Beth's is Young (7). In sum, this week's "Two Lives To Live" line-up is

  • Monday - Carrie Waldorf, New York City & Andrea Talbot, Tennessee
  • Tuesday - Grace Vasquez, Las Vegas & Jana Lacey, Martha's Vineyard
  • Wednesday - Heather Roman, Iowa & Danielle Stowe, Niagara Falls
  • Thursday - Kendra McNab, Hollywood & Faith Quinlan, Louisiana
  • Friday - Erica Primo, Key West & Beth Young, Montana

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