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"Two Lives To Live"
Teens trade places for two weeks on the popular TV program.
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December 1, 2003
Each episode of the popular TV show "Two Lives To Live" chronicles the adventures of two teenage girls who trade lives for two weeks, each living with the other's family and participating in the activities the other enjoys. This week, a different episode will be shown each evening Monday-Friday. From the TV guide below, can you solve this Challenger Logic Puzzle by deducing each day's featured traders: the teens' first (one is Beth) and last (one is Waldorf) names and where they live?

  1. Carrie's appearance is one day before that of Miss Vasquez, who is on one evening before the girl who helps her family raise hogs on an Iowa farm.
  2. Miss Stowe, who is afraid of reptiles, is glad she doesn't live on a Louisiana bayou.
  3. The show in which one teen lives on Martha's Vineyard for two weeks is the night before the one Heather is on; Miss McNab's appearance comes the evening after Heather's.
  4. The teen who lives in the Tennessee mountains near Pigeon Forge, who isn't Carrie, trades places one night before Miss Lacey does.
  5. Miss Young, who isn't Erica, is on "Two Lives To Live" the evening after Faith is on the show.
  6. Miss Vasquez doesn't trade places with the girl from Louisiana.
  7. Miss Young, who isn't Kendra, and the girl who lives in New York City both play sports new to them in their "new" lives.
  8. Erica, who doesn't live on Martha's Vineyard, and the McNab girl aren't on the same "Two Lives" episode.
  9. The girl who traded with Grace learns that there is normal life behind the Las Vegas glitter during the two weeks she spends with Grace's family.
  10. Carrie, who isn't the McNab girl, didn't trade lives with the teen from Martha's Vineyard and therefore isn't the one who goes clam digging for the first time.
  11. Danielle, who lives in Niagara Falls, isn't on Monday's or Friday's show.
  12. The teen who lives in Louisiana is on one night after Miss Roman and one night before Erica.
  13. The girl who lives in Hollywood, who isn't Faith, appears in the episode showing the night after the one in which Miss Stowe trades places.
  14. Miss Primo rides a horse for the first time when she temporarily lives the life of the teenager whose home is a Montana ranch.
  15. The girl from Louisiana, who isn't Carrie, and Miss McNab both get homesick during their two-week changes of life.
  16. The girl from sunny Key West isn't the one who trades places with Jana.
  17. Miss Vasquez, who isn't Erica, is from neither Hollywood nor Martha's Vineyard.
  18. Danielle, who isn't the McNab girl, isn't the one who trades places with the Martha's Vineyard teen.
  19. During her two weeks in Manhattan, the Talbot girl loves the hubbub of the daily life of the New York City girl, who isn't Miss Quinlan.
  20. Andrea is on "Two Lives To Live" the evening before Jana is.
  21. Heather and the Stowe girl both say they would like to be on the program again.

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