America's First Swap Meet: The Pilgrim Trades
Pilgrim families trade livestock at their Thanksgiving feast.
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After feasting on the first Thanksgiving dinner, the Pilgrim fathers, who couldn't watch football because they had no electricity, were enjoying each other's company when the subject of livestock came up. Talk turned to trade, and before the afternoon had ended with leftovers, a series of trades ended with five of the families trading away one of the animals they had brought on the Mayflower and getting in return an animal brought to the New World by one of the others. Given the historical recording of America's first swap meet below, can you determine the name (one was called Annie) and kind of animal each forefather family traded and which animal they received in return?

  1. The Pilgrim family that traded Kate received the sheep in return.
  2. The Whites acquired the horse after all the swapping was done.
  3. Neither the cow nor the goat ended up going home to the Hopkins farm..
  4. The forefather family that owned the horse Thanksgiving morning ended up owning Bessie Thanksgiving night.
  5. The Allertons were thankful to get ownership of Prissy at the end.
  6. Molly wasn't the animal the Hopkinses' traded away.
  7. Bessie wasn't the sheep.
  8. The Mullinses traded away the family pig; they never had ownership of Kate during all the trading back and forth.
  9. The Brewsters weren't the Pilgrims who traded away their goat.
  10. After all the swapping back and forth, no two families ended up simply trading the animals they owned to each other.