The Slapdashes at Dinner
The day's misadventures spark the dinner conversation at the Slapdash residence.
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Each evening, the Slapdash family gathers around the family table for dinner and a discussion of the day's events. Dad Sid sits at the head of the table and mom Sydney at the foot, with the six children (boys Sammy, Scotty, and Stanley and girls Cindy, Sally, and Suzy) sitting three to a side, each always in the same chair. Nightly, the children discuss what they did that day, going in clockwise order around the table beginning with the child sitting to Sid's left. Last Friday, each told a tale of the misadventure that befell him or her at school that day. Given the clues below, can you reconstruct Friday's dinner at the Slapdash house: which child sits in which place around the table clockwise from Sid and the story he or she related at the meal?

  1. Each boy sits directly across the table from one of his sisters.
  2. Suzy isn't the fifth child to speak in the dinnertime order.
  3. One of the children seated next to Sid managed to erase the school's server hard disk on Friday, getting the computer teacher fired.
  4. Immediately after Sally told of her school folly, the next sibling to talk described bouncing off the trampoline in gym class and injuring the phys ed teacher who was spotting the exercise.
  5. Stanley sits directly opposite the Slapdash who spilled macaroni and cheese in the cafeteria, causing the high school's quarterback to fall and break a leg just before Friday night's state playoff game.
  6. The one who freed the frogs in biology lab, causing the English teacher next door to climb on her desk, sits directly across the dinner table from Sammy.
  7. Cindy told her tale immediately after one of her brothers described exploding a test tube of acid in chemistry, which resulted in the homecoming queen getting yellow spots on her nose and forehead.
  8. Scotty, who isn't the Slapdash who flew off the trampoline, sits next to his mother at the foot of the table.
  9. Stanley, who didn't erase the school's computer data, told his tale earlier than another Slapdash described falling off the stage in dance rehearsal, landing in the orchestra pit and giving the tuba player a concussion.