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Todo's Quests
Adventure with the Wobblett as he searches for the Six Relics From Time.
November 10, 2003
From the introduction, Todo's 6th quest is for the Ring of the Future. Neither the Flagon of Health (clue 1), Sword of Strength (4), Crown of Wisdom (8), nor Cloak of Invisibility (9) is his 1st quest, so the Shield of Invincibility is. Neither the Flagon of Health (1), Sword of Strength (4), nor Cloak of Invisibility (9) is Tautaux's 2nd quest, so the Crown of Wisdom is. By clue 8, then, Todo's 1st adventure is in Netherearth. The Flagon, Sword, and Cloak must be the objects of Todo's 3rd-5th quests, in some order. If the Sword were his 3rd quest, then King John IX would be his first foe, and his 2nd adventure would take place in Waterland (4). The Flagon and Cloak would then be Todo's 4th-5th quests, or vice versa. Then by clues 1 and 9, Duke Voldemaar and Queen Ratiefi would be his 2nd and 3rd foes or vice versa, with one of them having the Sword of Strength--by clue 6, no. So the Sword of Strength isn't Todo's 3rd objective. If the Cloak of Invisibility were his 3rd quest, by clue 9, his 1st foe would be Queen Ratiefi of Netherearth, contradicting clue 2. So, Todo's 3rd objective is the Flagon of Health, with his 2nd being set in the Black Peaks and his 1st versus Duke Voldemaar (1). If the Cloak were Todo's 4th objective and the Sword his 5th, by clues 4 and 9, King John IX would be ruler of Clovendell, which he isn't (7). Thus the 4th quest is for the Sword of Strength, with the 3rd occurring in Waterland and the 2nd against King John IX. The 5th adventure is in quest of the Cloak of Invisibility, with the 4th then taking place in Clovendell and the 3rd opposing Queen Ratiefi (9). By clue 3, the search for the Cloak takes place in the Great Desert; the Ring of the Future is in the Shrouded Swamp. By clue 5, Lord Bane dwells in Clovendell. Chieftain Kondorr reigns in the Great Desert (3). The Priestess Cali guards the Ring. In sum, the six adventures in the video game Todo's Quests are

  • 1st -- the Shield of Invincibility, Duke Voldemaar of Netherearth
  • 2nd -- the Crown of Wisdom, King John IX of the Black Peaks
  • 3rd -- the Flagon of Health, Queen Ratiefi of Waterland
  • 4th -- the Sword of Strength, Lord Bane of Clovendell
  • 5th -- the Cloak of Invisibility, Chieftain Kondorr of the Great Desert
  • 6th -- the Ring of the Future, Priestess Cali of the Shrouded Swamp

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