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Todo's Quests
Adventure with the Wobblett as he searches for the Six Relics From Time.
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November 10, 2003
In the latest video game from JRR Studios, the Wobblett Todo searches the World for the Six Relics From Time, one being the Shield of Invincibility. To move from adventure to adventure, Todo must outwit or outfight a dangerous foe in a strange land to acquire a Relic; the quests increase in difficulty until Todo attempts the sixth and final one: the capture of the Ring of the Future. Given the tales of Todo below, can you find the order 1st-6th in which Todo undertakes his Quests: the object Relic of each adventure, the foe he must defeat (one opponent is the mistress of dark magic, Priestess Cali), and the World land where the conflict takes place?

  1. Todo opposes Duke Voldemaar in an earlier adventure than the one set in the Black Peaks, an adventure which is earlier in the game than the quest for the Flagon of Health.
  2. The foe in unreal Netherearth isn't the undead Queen Ratiefi.
  3. The adventure in the murky Shrouded Swamp, which isn't home to the giant Chieftain Kondorr, isn't for the Cloak of Invisibility.
  4. Todo's quest for the Sword of Strength is later in the game than his journey into Waterland; the Waterland adventure is later in the game than his confrontation with the wily King John IX.
  5. The vampire Lord Bane, who isn't Todo's foe in the Great Desert, isn't the foe who guards the Ring.
  6. Neither Duke Voldemaar nor Queen Ratiefi possesses the powerful Sword of Strength.
  7. King John IX doesn't reign in green Clovendell.
  8. If Todo survives his adventure in Netherearth, he immediately begins his quest for the Crown of Wisdom in a neighboring land.
  9. The quest in Clovendell is later in the game than the battle with Queen Ratiefi and her mummy legions but earlier than the search for the Cloak of Invisiblity.

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