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Neptune Funds
Who manages the moneymaking Neptune Mutual Funds?
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November 3, 2003
Neptune Mutual Funds occupy the first six floors of the Neptune Building in downtown Summerset. Each of the firm's six funds has a suite of offices on a different one of the six floors, and each fund is managed by a different Wall Street veteran. Given the clues below, can you pick which fund is on each floor 1st-6th and the full name (the first names of the three men are Adam, John, and Robert and of the three women Carol, Linda, and Margaret) of its manager?

  1. Linda's office is one floor above Stock's and two floors above the Neptune Small Cap Fund manager's.
  2. Mr. Sellers isn't the Neptune Technology Fund manager.
  3. Adam and Gaines worked for the same New York brokerage before joining Neptune.
  4. Margaret's office is one floor above the Neptune Municipal Fund office.
  5. The Neptune Value Fund office is on the floor directly below where Bond has an office.
  6. John, who isn't Sellers, managed the Small Cap Fund before moving on last year to the fund he currently manages.
  7. Gaines' office is one floor below that of the Technology Fund manager.
  8. Mr. Stock doesn't manage the Neptune Asia Fund.
  9. Money's fund isn't the Neptune Large Cap.
  10. The Neptune Asia Fund manager has an office one floor above Carol, who is on the floor directly above fellow manager Sellers.
  11. Cash's office isn't the one on the 3rd floor of the Neptune Building.

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