Arty Jack-O'-Lanterns
Fantastic pumpkin carving to celebrate Halloween 2003.
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Saturday, Debby and four other young artists at Summerset High raised funds for Art Club activities by selling fancily-carved jack-o'-lanterns at the annual Fall Festival. Each of the five, including Franken, created his or her artwork around a different Halloween theme, one featuring a black cat; and each jack-o'-lantern went for a different price. Given the clues below, can you treat yourself to a solution of this tricky Logic Problem: the full name of each artist, the theme in which he or she carved a jack-o'-lantern, and the sum the creation earned the Art Club?

  1. Jamie's arty jack-o'-lantern sold for twice as much as Karloff's work.
  2. Billy's creation brought in $10 more than the skeleton-themed one, which sold for $10 more than Stein's jack-o'-lantern.
  3. Lisa isn't the artist who used the witch theme.
  4. Charlie isn't the Art Club member who chose the skeleton motif.
  5. Billy and Chaney also sold Halloween charcoal drawings at the Fall Festival.
  6. Lisa's jack-o'-lantern went for twice the sum the ghost-themed carving earned.
  7. The pumpkin carved by Lugosi, who isn't Jamie, sold for more than the Count Dracula jack-o'-lantern.
  8. The five arty jack-o'-lanterns sold for a total of $330, with the least pricy one going for $40.