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The Autumn Leaves Trail
Autumnal splendor treats visitors to a red-and-yellow 10-mile drive.
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October 13, 2003
Thousands of tourists drive the Autumn Leaves Trail each fall to enjoy the multihued vista of changing seasons. The Trail starts in Summerset and goes north 10.0 miles to Fallbrook. Five scenic spots highlight the drive, each providing parking along the narrow road with a spectacular view of a different Trail attraction; each scenic spot is at a different milepost designating its distance from Summerset in tenths of a mile. Given the road map data below, can you determine at what milepost along the Autumn Leaves Trail each viewpoint is located?

  1. No two consecutive scenic spots are the same distance apart; the longest drive between any two consecutive locations (including end points) on the Trail is 3.6 miles, while the shortest is .4 miles.
  2. The distance along the Autumn Leaves Trail from Summerset to Cucumber Creek equals the distance going north from Old Man Mountain to the White Oak Inn.
  3. The Amish Covered Bridge, which isn't the last scenic spot along the route, is 1.0 miles south of Fallbrook.
  4. The Cucumber Creek spot is twice as far from the Sugar Maple Farm stop as it is from the Old Man Mountain viewpoint.
  5. The White Oak Inn and Cucumber Creek photographic opportunities lie more than 5.0 miles apart.
  6. The first scenic spot on the Trail is at milepost 1.8 north of Summerset.

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