Pig Out
Pigging out on pork at the Pig Out Restaurant.
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Last Saturday, five friends who love the other white meat had dinner together at the Pig Out, a Summerset restaurant specializing in pork dishes. Each of the five, who sat at a round table in the rustic dining room, had a different meal off the Pig Out menu--one ordered smoked sausage--and each had a different drink to go with it--one having a Coca Cola. Given the clues below, can you determine, in clockwise order, how the five were seated around the table: each diner's full name and the pork dish and drink on which he pigged out?

  1. Carl sat to Parker's immediate right.
  2. Neither Fred nor the man who ordered the pulled pork sandwich was seated next to Brown.
  3. The man seated to Smith's immediate left wasn't Larry.
  4. Davis sat to the immediate left of the diner who enjoyed the Pig Out's pork chop dinner.
  5. Neither the man who made a mess of himself with the barbecue spareribs nor the one who drank coffee with his meal sat next to Jim.
  6. Wilkins and the man who had lemonade sat next to each other.
  7. Parker isn't the man who ordered pork chops.
  8. Brown didn't get the barbecue spareribs.
  9. Carl, Davis, and the man who had the pulled pork sandwich all call the Pig Out their favorite restaurant.
  10. Smith and the diner who had iced tea with his meal weren't seated next to each other.
  11. Bill sat immediately next to the man who had roast pork and the one who drank a Sprite.
  12. The pulled pork sandwich lover didn't have coffee with it.
  13. Fred's drink wasn't the Sprite.