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Rock All-Stars
The Battle of the Bands All-Stars explode on stage.
September 29, 2003
Three different Rock All-Stars are named in clue 9: Wilcox, the lead guitar player, and the one who is with the Plush Toys. The latter is Rick (clue 2). The performer with the Hockey Pucks doesn't play lead guitar (6) and isn't Wilcox (11), so thus is the fourth Rock All-Star to the three named so far. By clue 6, Brett doesn't play lead guitar and isn't in the Hockey Pucks; while by clue 12, Brett isn't Wilcox. Brett is the fifth All-Star to the four listed above. Rick of the Plush Toys isn't Parker (2), Screamers' member Strong (5), or Hiller, who is Tony (8); so Rick is Yates. Brett isn't Parker (12) or Hiller (8) and is Screamers' member (5) Strong. Wilcox is in either Blank Mirror or the Manacles and therefore doesn't play bass guitar (1, 3). Neither Rick Yates (7) nor Brett Strong (12) is the All-Star bass guitarist, so the member of the Hockey Pucks is. He isn't Parker (7) and is then Tony Hiller (8). Parker plays lead guitar. Parker plays with Blank Mirror (4) and Wilcox with the Manacles. Wilcox is Chad (10) and Parker Jeff. Neither Brett (5) nor Chad (10) sings lead vocals, so Rick does. By clue 1, Chad is the All-Star keyboardist and Brett the drummer. In sum, the Rock All-Stars are

  • Brett Strong of Screamers, drums
  • Chad Wilcox of the Manacles, keyboards
  • Jeff Parker of Blank Mirror, lead guitar
  • Rick Yates of Plush Toys, vocals
  • Tony Hiller of the Hockey Pucks, bass guitar

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