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Steve Starcatcher and the Five Most Wanted
The galaxy's foremost bounty hunter brings the FBI's most infamous five to justice.
September 22, 2003
By clue 3, the reward for Count Vladiy was 10,000 stellars more than that for the person Steve Starcatcher caught on Rendezvous Station, whose capture brought 10,000 stellars more than the counterfeiter's; while by clue 6, Steve earned 10,000 stellars more for bringing back Brxk Brkx than he did for nabbing the embezzler. Between the two clues, either all Five Most Wanted are named or there is some overlap. Since, from the introduction, Steve received a different bounty for each of the Federation Bureau of Investigation's Five Most Wanted criminals, the only possible overlaps between the two clues are that Count Vladiy is the embezzler or that Brxk Brkx is the counterfeiter. In either case, if we combine the two clues and assign the lowest 5,000 stellar reward (clue 1) to the fourth criminal, we would have bounties of 5,000, 15,000, 25,000, and 35,000 stellars, a total of 80,000, equal to the actual total in reward money in clue 1 and leaving nothing for the fifth criminal's capture. So, between clues 3 and 6, all Five Most Wanted are given: Count Vladiy, the being taken on Rendezvous Station, the counterfeiter (3), Brxk Brkx, and the embezzler (6). Either the counterfeiter or the embezzler earned Steve 5,000 stellars (1). If the counterfeiter did, then the being captured on Rendezvous Statio had a 15,000 and Count Vladiy a 25,000 stellar reward--summing to 45,000 stellars and leaving 35,000 (1) for the two in clue 6. So, Brxk Brkx would have brought 22,500 and the embezzler 12,500. However, there is now no way for 4 to work, since no figure is double another. Therefore, the embezzler's capture earned Steve Starcatcher 5,000 stellars, with Brxk Brkx's capture netting 15,000 (6), a total of 20,000 stellars. The 60,000 stellars remaining (1) for the three in clue 3 would equal X for the counterfeiter, X + 10,000 for the criminal caught on Rendezvous World, and X + 20,000 for Count Vladiy; solving, 3X + 30,000 = 60,000, or X = 10,000. Steve got 10,000 stellars for bringing the counterfeiter to justice, 20,000 for the being found on Rendezvous Station, and 30,000 for Count Vladiy. By clue 4, then, Brxk Brkx must be the arms dealer, and Steve captured Count Vladiy on Eden IX. Harry Putney is the accused counterfeiter, and Steve took the bank robber on Rendezvous Station (5). By elimination, Count Vladiy is wanted for piracy. Jacc the Hobba is the accused bank robber (1) and Aleeta the embezzler. By clue 2, Brxk Brkx was caught on Moon 135271. Harry Putney was hiding on New Carthage and Aleeta on Hermes (7). In sum, Steve Starcatcher brought back the FBI's Five Most Wanted for the following stellar rewards:

  • Count Vladiy, piracy, Eden IX, 30,000
  • Jacc the Hobba, bank robbery, Rendezvous Station, 20,000
  • Brxk Brkx, arms dealing, Moon 135271, 15,000
  • Harry Putney, counterfeiter, New Carthage, 10,000
  • Aleeta, embezzler, Hermes, 5,000

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