Steve Starcatcher and the Five Most Wanted
The galaxy's foremost bounty hunter brings the FBI's most infamous five to justice.
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This year, bounty hunter Steve Starcatcher has hunted down and arrested the Federation Bureau of Investigation's Five Most Wanted criminals in the galaxy, including one accused of piracy against freighters trafficking the Soleil System. Steve earned a different stellar reward for each of the captures, one of which occurred on the world Hermes. Given the crime sheet below, can you determine how much the bounty hunter was paid for each Five Most Wanted, the crime for which the FBI wants the being, and the world on which the capture happened?

  1. Steve Starcatcher earned a total reward of 80,000 stellars for the Five Most Wanted; the smallest reward of 5,000 stellars wasn't the price he collected for Jacc the Hobba's arrest.
  2. Steve's sidekick, Cass Comet, tracked down Harry Putney and the criminal hiding as a morlite miner on Moon 135271--who isn't the embezzler--before transponding the bounty hunter to warp in and make the capture in person.
  3. The reward for Count Vladiy was 10,000 stellars more than that for the Most Wanted found hiding in a Chulan herders camp on Rendezvous Station and 20,000 stellars more than that for the being wanted for counterfeiting Old Airth artifacts.
  4. Starcatcher collected twice as much for bringing back the being who sought asylum on Eden IX as he did for capturing the criminal who dealt banned neuronal arms to the Morlokk admirals.
  5. The bounty on Harry Putney's head was half as much as the reward for bringing back the being who robbed 13 satellite banks.
  6. Steve made 10,000 more stellars for arresting Brxk Brkx than he did for bringing to justice the being accused of embezzling 12 million stellars from Enronic Intergalactic, Ltd.-Inc.
  7. The bounty hunter's nabbing of Aleeta isn't the Five Most Wanted capture that occurred on the water world New Carthage.