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The Ballou Big Dogs open their football season with a 4-touchdown win.
September 15, 2003
Neither Randy (clue 2) nor Bobby (4) scored a touchdown in the 1st quarter, so either Jeff or Alvin did. If Jeff scored in the 1st quarter, then the flanker scored the 2nd touchdown (1). Since Jeff doesn't play tailback (6), by clue 4, the tailback would have tallied in the 3rd quarter and Bobby in 4th. Holmes would be the tailback, with the quarterback scoring the 4th touchdown (5). By elimination, Jeff would play fullback. Alvin would be Holmes and Bobby Knight (3). However, neither Wolfe (7) nor Donahue (8) could be fullback Jeff. So, Jeff didn't score his touchdown in the 1st quarter; Alvin did, with Knight getting 6 points in the 2nd quarter (3). Since Jeff didn't score the last TD (1), either Bobby or Randy did. If Bobby had crossed the goal line in the 4th period, by clue 1, Jeff would be Knight and the flanker would have scored the 3rd quarter touchdown. Randy would be the flanker. Since Randy isn't Holmes (2), Alvin would be, with Jeff then the Big Dogs quarterback (5). Alvin would play tailback (4) and Bobby fullback. However, neither Wolfe (7) nor Donahue (8) could be Bobby. So, Randy scored the 4th quarter TD. By clue 1, Jeff couldn't have scored in the 2nd quarter and Bobby then in the 3rd; so, Bobby scored the 2nd Big Dogs touchdown and Jeff the 3rd, with Randy then the flanker (1). Alvin plays tailback (4). Alvin is Holmes, and Bobby is the team's quarterback (5). By elimination, Jeff is the team fullback. By clue 7, Jeff is Donahue and Randy Wolfe. In sum, the Big Dogs scored touchdowns as follows:

  • 1st quarter -- Alvin Holmes, tailback
  • 2nd quarter -- Bobby Knight, quarterback
  • 3rd quarter -- Jeff Donahue, fullback
  • 4th quarter -- Randy Wolfe, flanker

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