The Ballou Big Dogs open their football season with a 4-touchdown win.
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Last Friday, the Ballou Big Dogs won their season opening football game 28-0 over the Summerset Eagles. The Big Dogs' four touchdowns were scored by four different athletes, each playing a different position on the team, with a TD coming in each of the game's four quarters. Given the tallies below, you should be able to find the full names and positions of the touchdown scorers and the order in which they crossed the goal line.

  1. Jeff scored in the quarter before the flanker, who isn't Bobby, did.
  2. Randy, who isn't Holmes, didn't tally the first TD.
  3. Knight scored the next touchdown after Alvin.
  4. The tailback's 6-pointer came earlier in the game than Bobby's.
  5. The quarterback scored in the quarter immediately after Holmes' tally.
  6. Jeff doesn't play tailback for the Big Dogs.
  7. TD-maker Wolfe isn't the squad's fullback, who also scored.
  8. Donahue, who isn't Bobby, didn't get his touchdown in the 1st quarter.