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Back to School Night
Parents follow students' schedules in the annual September event.
September 8, 2003
From the introduction, Mrs. Crane visited six classes in order from 7:00 p.m. onward, with the classes being in rooms 110, 119, 207, 222, 302, and 308. By clue 2, after attending World History, she went down one floor to see Ms. Hardy; while by clue 6, after attending Mr. Bunsen's presentation, she stayed on the same floor to visit Spanish 2. Therefore, four different classes are named between clues 2 and 6. Since three classes are given in clue 4, then, either clue 2 or clue 6 or both must overlap clue 4. There are two ways for clues 4 and 6 to overlap: Mr. Bunsen teaches Algebra or Mr. Clemens teaches Spanish. Trying the first possibility, Mrs. Crane would have visited Mr. Clemens' class, then would have been in room 207, then in Mr. Bunsen's Algebra class, and next in Spanish 2. Since Mrs. Crane went up two floors between classes on one occasion (clue 8), Mr. Bunsen's class and the Spanish 2 class (6) couldn't be on the 3rd floor following class in 207 and would be on the 1st floor followed by a class on the 3rd floor to satisfy clue 8--but there would be no way for the other part of clue 8, where Mrs. Crane went down two floors in changing classes, to now work. Trying the second possible way to combine clues 4 and 6, if Mr. Clemens were the Spanish 2 teacher, then Mrs. Crane would have been in Mr. Bunsen's class followed by Mr. Clemens' Spanish 2, room 207, and Algebra in consecutive order (4). However, there is no way for clue 8 to work given this arrangement; since Mr. Bunsen's and Mr. Clemens' rooms would be on either floor 1 or floor 3 and Mrs. Crane would be in 207 afterwards, one of the two changes in clue 8 could not occur. So, clues 4 and 6 give five different classes; and the overlap must be between clues 2 and 4 or seven different classes would be mentioned. Overlap between clues 2 and 4 can be either that Mr. Clemens teaches World History or that World History is in room 207. If Mr. Clemens taught World History, then Mrs. Crane would have visited that class followed by Ms. Hardy's in 207 and Algebra (2, 4). Mr. Clemens' room would be on the 3rd floor (2). By clue 6, Mr. Bunsen's and the Spanish 2 rooms would be on the 1st floor. Since by clue 8 Mrs. Crane went up two flights in one class change and down 2 in another, the only way clue 6 can work given this arrangement is for Mrs. Crane to have been on the 3rd floor first, followed by Mr. Bunsen's and the Spanish 2 classes on the 1st floor, followed by Mr. Clemens' class. By clue 5, the first class Mrs. Crane attended would have to be Mr. Nixon's in 308, with C Programming then Mr. Bunsen's subject--no (1). So, clues 2 and 4 overlap with Mrs. Crane visiting Mr. Clemens' class followed by World History in 207 and then Ms. Hardy's Algebra session. Ms. Hardy's class would have to be on the 1st floor (2). Then in clue 6, since Mr. Bunsen's and the Spanish 2 class are on the same floor, those classes would be on the 3rd floor. If Mrs. Crane had been in the clue 6 classes before being in the clue 4 ones, in order for clue 8 to work, she would have been on the 1st floor first and then in Mr. Bunsen's class and Spanish 2, followed by Mr. Clemens' session. on the 1st floor--but there would be three classes on the 1st floor, no by the introduction. So, the visits to the clue 6 classes follow Ms. Hardy's. Mrs. Crane can't have attended Spanish 2 last, or there would be no way for her to have gone down two floors during class changes. Mrs. Crane was in Mr. Bunsen's room immediately after being in Ms. Hardy's, then attended the Spanish 2 presentation (6) followed by the final class on the 1st floor (8). By clue 5, Mr. Nixon in 308 teaches Spanish 2, with C Programming then the last class visited. Mr. Bunsen is in room 302. By clue 1, Mr. French is the World History teacher, with Ms. Gates teaching C Programming--in room 110, with Algebra in room 119. Since by elimination Mr. Clemens teaches in room 222, he teaches English (3); Mr. Bunsen is Bobby Crane's Earth Science instructor. In sum, Mrs. Crane visited Bobby's classes on Back to School Night as follows:

  • 7:00 -- Mr. Clemens, English, 222
  • 7:15 -- Mr. French, World History, 207
  • 7:30 -- Ms. Hardy, Algebra, 119
  • 7:45 -- Mr. Bunsen, Earth Science, 302
  • 8:00 -- Mr. Nixon, Spanish 2, 308
  • 8:15 -- Ms. Gates, C Programming, 110

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