Back to School Night
Parents follow students' schedules in the annual September event.
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At Summerset High's Back to School Night last Thursday, Mrs. Crane visited mini-versions of her son Bobby's six classes, one of which is English, in the order in which he attends them, with the first session at 7:00 and the rest following at 15-minute intervals. The miniclasses were held in the same rooms (variously, 110 and 119 on the school's 1st floor, 207 and 222 on the 2nd floor, and 302 and 308 on the 3rd) and were taught by the same teachers as experienced by the students. Given the class schedule below, can you determine which class, taught by which teacher in which room, Mrs. Crane attended during each of the six sessions presented during the 7:00-8:30 time frame?

  1. Neither Mr. Bunsen nor Mr. French is Bobby Crane's C Programming instructor.
  2. Immediately after sitting through World History, Mrs. Crane went down one floor to hear Ms. Hardy's presentation.
  3. Bobby's Earth Science class isn't the one Mrs. Crane attended in room 222.
  4. In consecutive order first-to-last, Mrs. Crane attended Mr. Clemens' class, was in room 207 for a session, and had Algebra miniclass.
  5. After attending Mr. Nixon's class in room 308, Mrs. Crane next heard about what her son would learn in C Programming.
  6. Immediately after 15 minutes in Mr. Bunsen's classroom, Mrs. Crane went down the hallway to attend the Spanish 2 miniclass on the same floor.
  7. The class taught by Ms. Gates isn't held in room 119.
  8. Mrs. Crane learned how hard it is to change classes on time when during one of the five class changes that occurred she had to climb two floors and on another occasion had to descend two floors to get to the next assigned classroom.