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AnimalPals Autos
Cartoon favorites act as commentating chauffeurs on Palisades Park's kids' ride.
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August 25, 2003
The favorite ride for children at Palisades Park is the AnimalPals Autos, a car ride on which each vehicle is "driven" by a different animatronic cartoon character, who also supplies hilarious asides as the autos bump and screech their way around the circular track. Each of the six autos, which are numbered 1-6 on their doors and hoods, is a different color and has a different Palisades Park ride illustrated on it as its sponsor. The AnimalPals Autos go in a counterclockwise motion around the track, with auto #1 directly followed by auto #2, etc., through auto #1 directly behind auto #6, and with auto #1 directly opposite auto #4, auto #2 directly opposite auto #5, and auto #3 directly opposite auto #6 as the cars make the race circuit. From the ride description below, can you find the layout of the AnimalPals Autos: the color, sponsoring ride, and chauffeur of each car #1-6?

  1. The purple vehicle is immediately between the car driven by George Giraffe and car sponsored by Raging Rivers and is directly opposite the green auto on the track.
  2. The car driven by Ralph Rhinoceros is directly opposite the one advertising the Mixing Bowl, which isn't auto #4.
  3. The yellow car immediately precedes the one driven by Buddy Bear, which isn't purple, around the race circuit.
  4. The vehicles driven by George Giraffe and Henry Hippopotamus do not precede or follow each other.
  5. The auto with Alex Alligator behind the wheel, which isn't car #1, isn't the one touting the House of Dread or the Screaming Eagle.
  6. The red auto is directly opposite the vehicle driven by Henry Hippopotamus and rides immediately between the blue car and the one with Thor's Hammer as its sponsor.
  7. The black car directly follows the one driven by Willy Wolf, which isn't the car advertising Thor's Hammer.
  8. The yellow car, which isn't car #2, isn't the one with a picture of the Screaming Eagle ride on its doors.
  9. The AnimalPals Auto advertising the Buccaneers ride isn't auto #5 or #6.

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