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Unbelievable Tournament
Six competitors vie in the battle game's national internet finals.
August 18, 2003
In clue 7, four different of the Unbelievable final six players are given: Joe was eliminated by the player whose character is Valkanno, followed by Ryman being killed by the player from Kalamazoo. Since neither Joe nor Ryman placed 5th in the tournament (clue 7), and since they had to place behind the Valkanno character and the Kalamazoo participant, Joe placed 4th and Ryman 3rd in the internet contest. By clue 4, Upton was runner-up in the game. By clue 1, four players other than Upton are Mike, who was eliminated by the character using the Flak Thrower, followed immediately out of the event by the player who used the Gatling Gun 2003, who was killed by the player whose gaming personna is Talon. Therefore, Mike placed 5th or 6th in the Unbelievable on-line finals. If Mike had finished 5th with the Gatling Gun 2003 wielder then 4th (Joe), Sam would have finished 3rd and the player whose alterego is Grinder 1st (4). By clue 2, Ben would have placed 2nd and Vinson then 1st--but Vinson's character isn't Grinder (8). So, Mike did not place 5th in the Unbelievable finals; he was 6th, with the player who prefers the Gatling Gun 2003 then 5th (1). Since Sam doesn't wield the Gatling Gun 2003 (10), by clue 4, Sam placed 3rd and the character Grinder 1st. By clue 7, Upton's game face would be Valkanno, with the player called Grinder actually from Kalamazoo. Since Vinson doesn't play Grinder (8), by clue 2, Ben can't have placed 2nd and was thus 5th, Mike's alterego is Rodanth, and Joe is Vinson. Rob Walker (3) won the contest, with Chad then Upton. By clue 10, Mike is Stller and Ben Torrez. Since Vinson isn't Talon when in character (8), by clue 1, Ryman manipulates Talon onscreen. By clue 5, Hawkeye must have finished 4th, with Mike then the user of the ChemGrenades and Ben from Austin. By elimination, Ben's game character is Diamond. Since Sam Ryman as Talon killed Gatling Gun user Ben as Diamond, Sam must use the Burst Bazooka (11). By clue 9, Joe's weapon is the Shoulder Rocket; since Joe was eliminated from the game by Chad as Valkanno (7), Chad must be from Jackson Hole. Chad's weapon-of-choice is the Laser Cannon, and Rob Walker's is the Flak Thrower (3). By clue 12, Sam lives in Baltimore. Finally, Joe resides in Clearwater and Mike in San Clemente (6). In sum, the on-line championship of Unbelievable produced the following results:

  • 1st - Rob Walker, Kalamazoo, Grinder, Flak Thrower
  • 2nd - Chad Upton, Jackson Hole, Valkanno, Laser Cannon
  • 3rd - Sam Ryman, Baltimore, Talon, Burst Bazooka
  • 4th - Joe Vinson, Clearwater, Hawkeye, Shoulder Rocket
  • 5th - Ben Torrez, Austin, Diamond, Gatling Gun 2003
  • 6th - Mike Stiller, San Clemente, Rodanth, ChemGrenades

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