Unbelievable Tournament
Six competitors vie in the battle game's national internet finals.
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In the recent national playoffs for on-line Unbelievable, six players from around the country, including one from San Clemente, reached the final scenario. In a hard-fought contest, competitors then were eliminated one by one in combat (killed by another player) until a single fighter emerged as the Unbelievable internet champion. Given the game data that follows, can you find the order of finish of the six finalists: each's full name (one first name is Chad, one last Torrez) and home city, the character he becomes during the game, and his weapon-of-choice to dispatch opponents?

  1. During the contest, Mike was eliminated when he was hit by metal from an opponent's Flak Thrower, then immediately afterward the player favoring the Gatling Gun 2003 as a weapon was killed by the competitor whose game personna is Talon; none of these four players is Upton.
  2. The next player eliminated after the one whose alterego is Rodanth was Ben; both were survived in the game by Vinson.
  3. Rob Walker isn't the fighter whose favorite weapon is the Laser Cannon.
  4. Sam, who wasn't the first of the six to die, was eliminated by the one who plays as Grinder; neither is runner-up finisher Upton.
  5. The entrant whose character is Hawkeye was still in the contest after both the player from Austin and the competitor who favors ChemGrenades had been slain.
  6. The one playing from Clearwater isn't the person who takes on the game personna of Rodanth during Unbelievable.
  7. These four players contributed to the game action as follows: Joe was killed by the character Valkanno, then Ryman fell next to the player who lives in Kalamazoo; neither Joe nor Ryman ended up in 5th place in the championship.
  8. Vinson's alterego is neither Grinder nor Talon.
  9. When the Shoulder Rocket wielder's weapon misfired, he was eliminated by the player from Jackson Hole.
  10. Both Stiller and the finalist who uses the Gatling Gun 2003, who isn't Sam, were in last year's final scenario as well.
  11. The character Diamond was eliminated during game action by a blast from a Burst Bazooka.
  12. The competitor from Baltimore, who doesn't play as Hawkeye, isn't the one who uses ChemGrenades to shrivel up foes.